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What do you want to know? is a Progressive Web App (PWA), the next generation of mobile application.

You do not need to download the app from the Apple Store or the Play Store. To install it, you just need to add it "on the home screen" from your mobile web browser.

For more information, consult the guide:  How to install the app on mobile?

To finalize your registration, we send you a confirmation email. If you have not received it:

  • Remember to look in the "spam" or "junk mail" folder of your mailbox.
  • Ask to send back the confirmation email by following this link:

To view your friends 'races, simply search for your friends' profile in your "Runster network". 

Beforehand, you have to invite your friends to join your network:

  • Open the "Menu", then choose "Community", and "Runster Network"
  • Search your friends by name or nickname
  • Once found, send them an invitation.

When your invitations are accepted, you will be able to consult at any time the profile of your friends: their upcoming and accomplished races, their Runster card, their performance, and much more ...

To refer a friend, open the menu and choose "Referral Code".

Then, you have two choices :

- either invite your friends to join by sending them an automatic email with your referral code.

- or download and customize your referral code and then send it yourself to your friends by sharing it on social networks or by any other canal.

For each new user, you get Influence Points (IP) and your friends receive Magic Points (MP). brings together the official races related to running. 

  • all disciplines : road running, trail, triathlon, obstacle course racing, foot orienteering, cross-country, Towerrunning, duathlon, swim & run, aquathlon, bike and run, multisport raid, canicross, stroller run, ...
  • Whatever the format : solo, relay, squad 2+, chasing race, charity, dress up, ...
  • Worldwide.


We enhance the diversity of running events and encourage the exploration of new territories :)

It is not necessary in to run with a connected watch or GPS application. When you declare a mission, you simply fill in the official results of your race: chrono and distance.

Official data often differs from those recorded on your GPS app. And two numbers to enter, it's even faster than a synchronization 😉

No. Each player declares himself the races in which he participated.

Such an option would only be possible for a limited number of events. On the contrary, we want to offer the widest possible range of races in all countries, whatever the format.

If you do not find your race in the result list, two cases are possible:

  • Either the name of the event in the application is slightly different from the one typed (eg "10 km" instead of 10 k "). In this case, you can broaden the search by simplifying the keywords used in the quick search, or by using the advanced search.


  • Or the race is not yet fill in Then click on the "My race is not in the list" button at the bottom of the results page to add it.

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