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The running app for races and bibs

Find your next races

Quickly find impressive races among the largest inventory worldwide for running events (Road, Trail, Triathlon, OCR, Raid…

Reveal your Runster profile

Keep track of your races. Share these unique emotions with other Runsters. And reveal your authentic athlete’s profile based on various experiences.

Runster trophy

Take on new challenges

Complete amazing missions. Collect medals. Earn points to benefit from rewards.

How does it work ?

1. The Races
We set up the most exciting directory by categorizing worldwide races according to more than 50 criteria.
The planet is our playground !
2. Your Achievements
Find the race in the app’s directory and simply check-out that you participated (as athlete, pacer, volunteer...). Only 2 clicks to fill the mission card, no need to have a GPS tracker. It also works for races 10 years or longer ago !
3. The Runster Card
We build your athlete profile based on your achievements, not your results.
4. Your Missions
You plan upcoming races. Each race is an opportunity to explore new territories or extend your Runster running skills.
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5 Clans of Runsters - Runster - Tribu Road Runner

Road Runner - Runster - Tribu Triathlete

Triathlete - Runster - Tribu OCR - Obstacle Racer

Obstacle racer - Runster - Tribu Trailer

Trailer - Runster - Tribu Orienteering Raider


In 2024, get your fill of running races :

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