Terms of Service

Runster Reunited SAS offers a digital platform of services to develop running experience of its users, all disciplines. The platform is accessible from the Runster Reunited websites and the Runsterize.me application (hereinafter, collectively, the "Platform"). 

These Services are developed by Runster Reunited SAS through its own brand Runsterize.me or in partnership with third parties, companies or partners. 

The Platform and Services are accessible to Users without any charge according to the general terms of services below.

Terms of Service (TOS)

update on January 23, 2020

Runster Reunited, the Runsterize.me platform editor, is  :

  • a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of € 22,350
  • Registered under number : 839 646 841 R.C.S. Paris
  • VAT N° : FR12839646841
  • Headquarters: 5 rue du Général Delestraint 75016 PARIS
  • Email : contact@runster.run

Article 1: Subject and terms of use agreement

1.1 Our company operates the Site and the Mobile Application (globally called the Platform). Any natural person can become a user of the Platform and access the service allowing them to develop their running practice. Registration is free and allows you to use the services of the Platform without limitation.

1.2 These "terms of service" are intended to provide a legal framework for the provision of the services of the "Runsterize.me" platform and their use by "the user".

1.3 The terms of service must be accepted by any user wishing to access the site. They constitute the contract between the "Runsterize.me" Platform and the user. Access to the site by the user signifies his acceptance of these terms of service.

1.4 In case of non-acceptance of these terms of service, the user have to renounce access to the services offered by the Platform.

1.5 Runsterize.me reserves the right to modify unilaterally and at any time the content of these terms of service.

Article 2: General definitions

« Application » : means the application "Runsterize.me" operated by our company.

"User": this term designates any person who uses the Platform or one of the services offered by the Platform. The user is an individual. Companies or associations must contact us beforehand in order to provide them with an adapted service.

"Account": means the personal account of the user created on the Platform and allowing the user to access the various services.

"Member": means any user who has registered and opened an Account on the Platform to access the services offered.

"Platform": this term includes the Site and the "Runsterize.me" Application.

"Site": means the website accessible at the url "runsterize.me".

"Username and Password": this is all the information necessary to identify a user on the site. The username and password allow the user to access services reserved for members of the site. The Password is confidential.

Article 3: Access to the service

3.1 The Platform allows the user free access to the following services:

  • Search for official running events across all disciplines (running, trail, OCR, triathlon, raid, canicross, etc.) worldwide.
  • Backup and documentation of the history of its official races. 
  • Plan its official races to come.
  • Display of your athlete profile from an original and fun angle.
  • Participation in challenges to unlock skills and badges.

3.2 The “Runsterize.me” application may contain links to the websites of advertisers and our partners, in order to offer paid services to the user. It is up to the user to carry out, before continuing a transaction with a third party, any necessary verification if a payment will be due and the terms of this transaction. In no case may the company "Runsterize.me" be associated with the services provided by the various third parties.

3.3 The Platform is accessible free of charge to any user with Internet access. All costs incurred by the user to access the service (computer hardware, software, Internet connection, etc.) are his responsibility.

3.4 The non-Member user does not have access to services reserved for Members. For this, he must identify himself using his Username and Password.

3.5 Our company reserves the right to modify the list of these services at any time.

3.6 The site implements all the means at its disposal to ensure quality access to its services. The obligation being of means, the site does not undertake to achieve this result. Any event due to a case of force majeure resulting in a malfunction of the network or the server does not engage the responsibility of the company Runster Reunited. Access to the services of the Site and the Mobile Application may at any time be subject to interruption, suspension, modification without notice for maintenance or any other case. The user undertakes not to claim any compensation following the interruption, suspension or modification of the general conditions of use. The user has the possibility of contacting the site by electronic mail at the address: contact@runster.run

Article 4: Intellectual property

4.1 The brands, logos, signs and all other content on the Platform are subject to protection by the Intellectual Property Code and more particularly by copyright.

4.2 The user agrees not to reproduce, publish, copy the various content published by "Runsterize.me" without having obtained his prior authorization. In the event of failure to reply within 15 days, the request must be considered to have been refused.

4.3 The user agrees to use the contents of the Platform in a strictly private setting. Any total or partial reproduction contained in the Platform for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

4.4 All content posted by the user is his sole responsibility. The user undertakes not to upload any content that could harm the interests of third parties. Any legal action brought by an injured third party against the Platform will be borne by the user.

4.5 User content may be deleted or modified by the Platform at any time and for any reason. The user does not receive any justification and notification prior to the deletion or modification of the user content.

Article 5: Acceptance of the TOS and use of data

The user is informed by these General Conditions of Use that the personal data defined below, and collected within the framework of the service described in "article 1" are necessary for the use of the service. support for the runner offered by Runster Reunited, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Article 6: Account data - Definition

Data relating to the user profile (or “Account”), entered during registration to the platform, are strictly necessary and mandatory for the creation of the User Account and for the operation of the service: Nickname, email address, first name, last name.

They can be completed in the application at the user's discretion for a better experience of the services offered: gender, birthday, language.

In particular, the email address may be used by the Platform for the administration, management and management of the service.

Article 7: Official races entry data

Data relating to participation in official races entered by the user is also associated with the personal profile. 

The data on the races carried out (race, date) are necessary for the generation of a personalized athlete profile.

The data relating to the details of the participation in the races (bib number, time, classification, photos, report, classification) are optional and to the description of the users for a better experience and to benefit from all the services of the platform.

Article 8: Community, definition and confidentiality

8.1 Définition

A relationship is a natural person, user of the Runsterize.me application, with which a user can get in touch and share information on his participation in past and future official races, and his athlete profile.

"The community is the section of the application where this information shared between relationships is displayed.

The Runsterize.me application allows you to share with your contacts data relating to participation in races and your profile.

The performances and photos associated by the user with training sessions can also be shared with these relationships.

The use of community function is not compulsory for the proper functioning of the service.

8.2 Adding a relationship

Searching for a relationship via the app and sending invitation by message allows you to add a relationship.

8.3 Confidentiality

In order not to share this data, the user has the choice whether or not to add a relationship to his network.

  • Deleting a relation: it is possible at any time to delete a relation from its network and thus hide this information.

Article 9: Storage and use of data

Information about your profile, your training and course data, is stored on the Runsterize.me application platform, hosted on the Amazon Web Services cloud, in the local region “Europe” respecting data confidentiality.

This storage is essential to estimate a level of user performance and to give the appearance of races for the next training sessions. They are returned to the user in the training plan and in the training history.

Article 10: Access to data, deletion of account and data

10.1 The site provides the user with the collection and processing of personal information with respect for privacy in accordance with french Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms. 

10.2. Under articles 39 and 40 of the french law dated January 6, 1978, the user has the right to access, rectify, delete and oppose his personal data. The user exercises this right via his personal space which is called in the mobile application "My Profile", by email to this address contact@runster.run or by post at 5 rue du Général Delestraint, 75016 PARIS, France.

10.3. In accordance with the regulations, in the event of inactivity on your account for more than 18 months, your data is automatically deleted from the Runsterize.me application platform. You can also delete your account at any time. All your participation data for the races will also be deleted. Their deletion is irrevocable.

Article 11: Non-disclosure to third parties

Information linked to your profile, your training and your routes (see definition above) is not communicated or shared with third parties.

Article 12: Statistical tools and third-party plotters

Runsterize.me uses external tools to collect application usage data. The data is anonymous and relates to the measurement of the use of the application and its functionality. These tools may store an anonymous “tracker” or “cookie” in the space of the phone reserved for the application, allowing anonymous storage of your behavior in the application.

By using the Runsterize.me application, you agree to the use, storage and processing of this data for statistical purposes.

Article 13: Guarantee and limitation of responsibilities

13.1 The sources of the information disseminated on the Platform are deemed to be reliable. However, the Platform reserves the right to not guarantee the accuracy of the sources. All information given on the Platform is for informational purposes only. Thus, the user assumes sole responsibility for the use of the information and content on this Site and the Mobile Application.

13.2 The user makes sure to keep his password secret. Any disclosure of the password, whatever its form, is strictly prohibited.

13.3 The user assumes the risks linked to the use of his Username and Password. The Platform declines all responsibility.

13.4 Any use of the service by the user directly or indirectly resulting in damage must be subject to compensation for the benefit of the company Runster Reunited SAS.

13.5 An optimal guarantee of the security and confidentiality of the data transmitted is not guaranteed by the Platform. However, the site undertakes to implement all the necessary means in order to best guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data.

13.6 The Platform cannot be held liable in the event of force majeure or the unforeseeable and insurmountable fact of a third party.

13.7 The Platform is accessible every day 24 hours a day, except in the event of a technical problem or event beyond the control of our company. Our Platform may be subject to maintenance and updates in order to manage the proper functioning of the Site and the Mobile Application without the user being notified.

Article 14: Hypertext links

Many outgoing hypertext links are present on the Platform, however the web pages where these links lead do not engage the responsibility of our company "Runsterize.me" which does not have control of the services offered behind these links. The user therefore refrains from engaging the responsibility of the Platform concerning the content and resources relating to these outgoing hypertext links.

Article 15: Contributions by the user

15.1 The user can publish publications in many forms, if desired, which includes photos, images, texts, files, hypertext links. Each publication can be relayed on social networks and the user must take into account that he is solely responsible for the contributions he publishes. In the case of a public contribution, the Member is fully aware and informed that its publication may be referenced on the various search engines (google, yahoo ...) and therefore viewable by any internet user.

15.2 The Member is solely responsible for the contributions he publishes on the Platform and must comply with the laws and regulations in force, in particular not making appear directly or indirectly remarks that may offend the sensitivity of minors, invade privacy third parties, contain comments or images of initiators, present images of a pornographic or pedophile, defamatory, offensive or damaging the image or reputation of a natural or legal person or brand. It is strictly forbidden to publish statements inciting hatred, violence, suicide, racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and homophobia. The Member can neither prospect nor communicate commercial information. The Member cannot in any case discriminate against a person or a group of people for the following reasons:

  • His political opinions
  • His ethnicity
  • To a religion
  • His sexual orientation

15.3 The site exercises posterior moderation on publications and reserves the right to refuse their posting, without having to justify it to the member.

15.4 The member remains the holder of all of their intellectual property rights. But by publishing a publication on the Platform, it gives the publishing company the non-exclusive and free right to represent, reproduce, adapt, modify, distribute and distribute its publication, directly or by an authorized third party, worldwide, on any medium (digital or physical), for the duration of the intellectual property. The Member cedes in particular the right to use its publication on the internet and on mobile telephone networks.

Article 16: Evolution of the general conditions of use

Runster Reunited may modify the Terms of service at any time by the publication of a new version on the Platform. The applicable Terms of service are those available on the day of the User's current connection to the Platform. The User is invited to regularly read and carefully read the latest version of the applicable General Conditions.

Article 17: Duration

The duration of these Terms of Services is indefinite. The Terms of Services take effect with regard to the user throughout the duration of use of the service.

Article 18: Copyright

Our company "Runsterize.me" organizes many events where users can participate and be photographed. The user authorizes the company "Runsterize.me" to use and distribute, free of charge and not exclusively, photographs in which the latter is represented. The photographs are likely to be reproduced on the following supports:

  • Publication in a journal, work or newspaper
  • Publication for an advertisement
  • Presentation to the public during the exhibition
  • Diffusion on social networks (facebook, instagram, twitter…) and the website called “www.runsterize.me.”

Article 19: Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

These Terms of use were written in French and are subject to French law. Any dispute resulting from the use of the Platform will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts. In the absence of an amicable resolution of a dispute between the parties, only the courts of the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of the city of Paris are competent.

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