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Application overview

Welcome to world

The running app that turns your races record into a playground

Choose your clan

Personalize your profile

Go to "Menu"> "Edit profile" to : 

  • Join a clan 
  • Add a picture
  • Define your special skills 
  • Share your status

💡 Tip: Breton? Corsica ? Basque? We add something for you. Display your flag on your profile by selecting the appropriate nationality.

Runster trophy

Keep track of your completed missions

Save your races record

Have you already finished an official races? Keep track of your exploits, win badges and so much more by declaring your completed missions (even those of several years ago).

First time ?

  1. Search for an event by name or via advanced search by clicking on the magnifying glass (bottom menu)
  2. Once clicked on the event, find your race in the list and click on "Declare as completed mission"
  3. Indicate the date on which you participated ("edition")
  4. Fill in the details of the race and the photos by editing the mission.
  5. And There you go ! Your race has been added to the list of your missions.

Your race has been already planned in the app ?
  1. Look for it in the list of planned races ("flag")
  2. Click on "Completed mission"
  3. And There you go ! It only remains to fill in the details of your prize list by editing the mission if you wish.
NB: If you made a mistake, just edit the mission to modify or delete it.

💡Tip: You can share the medal photo of your last completed mission via the Menu> "Share"> "Completed Mission" once you have fulfilled your mission card.

Will you reach the ultimate level?

Discover your Runster card

The Runster Card summarizes your athlete profile and your progress. Based on your completed missions, we calculate your statistics:

  • % runsterizing
  • Points earned in the game
  • Your level
  • Number of completed missions and territories.
  • Unlocked skills divided into 4 categories
  • Nb of disciplines
  • Nb of race type
With each new mission declared as accomplished, you can unlock new badges and skills!

💡Tip: When you have won at least 6 badges, you will have access to your 6 packs in your Runster Card !

Search your future challenges among thousands of races

Plan your next races

We have listed thousands of races in all disciplines (road racing, trail, triathlon, raid, OCR, canicross, etc.).

How search a race ?

  • If you already know which race you want to do: use the quick search (by name)
  • Otherwise, use the advanced search and explore the races list by filtering by:
    • Lieu (ville ou pays)
    • Date (month, period, exact date)
    • Discipline
    • Race type
    • And lots of other criteria: race mode, format, context ... (ex: relay, night, disguised, ...)

At any time, you can refine the search result.

Once your race is found, how do I add it?

  • Click on the race box then "Plan"
  • In order to add this race on your races list, select the date you want to do it ("edition").

💡Tip: Didn't find your race? Add it to the base and you will earn point magics.

Share your achievements and your next missions.

Connect with friends

You can connect with your friends by sending invitations via the app, or by using your personalized referral code.

How add friends to your Runster network ?

  • Go to "Menu"> "Community"> "Runster Network".
  • Search your friends by name or nickname
  • Send them an invitation.
  • Once the invitation has been accepted, find your connections in the list of your friends?

How do I know when a friend request is made?

  • A red dot will appear at the top of your screen on the right. Click on it to see the friend request.
  • You can also find the invitation received in the invitation list ("Community"> "Runster Network"> "invitation").

How to consult friends races ? Just click on his card. More info in the FAQ.

 - More features coming soon -

💡Tip: By invite your friends to join the game, you and your friends earn points! So don't hesitate, go to Menu> "Referal code".

Quests, Collections, Series ...

Find out the challenges

 - Coming soon -

Other questions ? Visit the Help Center.


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